Each of following links has lots of information for you and your family regarding Alzheimer’s/Dementia, including downloadable publications:

Care giving for a person who has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s/Dementia can take an emotional toll on a family. Missed days of work, concern about safety, worry about leaving your loved one alone even for short periods of time, all while trying to maintain your daily schedule of work, meals and other family members’ schedules can be exhausting. Before YOU get to the breaking point, or your family has a crisis- give us a call. We provide warm, loving care in a safe and secure environment which will relieve your stress and provide opportunities for enjoyment for both you and your family.
We have provided some tools for you to use. Check out our Financial Options information and use our Cost Comparison Worksheet. We encourage you to explore the actual costs of your current living situation versus the costs of Landmark Memory Care. We think you will be pleased to find that our community is an affordable solution. Our ADL Assessment worksheet may give you an idea of the needs of your loved one. Of course, a thorough assessment will be performed and individual pricing will be determined based on the needs of each person. Please call us and come and visit us, so that we can discuss pricing further.