Estate Planning: The Importance Of A Will

There is a universal truth we must all accept: one day, we will die. When we die, what happens to our physical remains, our life’s work, and everything else we leave behind is left to those who cared for us. In some cases, it is left to strangers to execute the wishes of someone who [...]

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Resources for Information About Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and Other Memory Loss Issues

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with a disease or injury which affects memory and personality, there can be a feeling of overwhelming information. Doctors, nurses, specialists, and of course friends and loved ones all have opinions and facts for you. Other times it can feel as if no one has any answers [...]

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Living at Home or Living in a Facility: Where Should You Go?

Staying at home to the end of your life is a goal many people strive for, and for many people it may indeed happen. Studies show that about 80% of Americans would prefer to die at home. In reality they tend to die in acute care hospitals (60%) and nursing homes (20%). Only around 20% [...]

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Elderly Friendly Communities: Aging Together

The World Health Organization has been creating awareness for a growing sector in the world: the aging population. Every month, one million people turn 60, most of them in developing countries. In the US alone, seven people turn 65 every minute, for a staggering 10,000 a day, according to 2017 statistics. What this means is [...]

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Springtime with Dementia: Activities for Engagement

Spring has shown its colors! As the flowers start to bloom and the trees fill in with green again, it’s nice to feel a sense of hope for the coming seasons. Sometimes it can be hard to find hope, especially for those with a diagnosis of Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. These memory-stealing diseases can leave [...]

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Enjoy a Festive Holiday Season Even With Memory Loss

The holidays can be a wonderful time for most people, but for those living with memory loss, the season can bring feeling of anxiety and confusion. There is a dazzling array of bright colors, lights, and loud sounds that can be frightening or overstimulating to some Alzheimer’s disease patients. Of course, not everyone reacts negatively [...]

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Having a Happy Holiday Season With Memory Loss

The further into a memory loss disease a loved one gets, the harder it may seem to want to celebrate the holidays in the same ways you used to. It might not feel the same to have Thanksgiving without grandma, but if her Alzheimer’s disease leaves her frightened by groups of people, bringing her to [...]

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Two Important Ways to Prepare for Your Loved One’s Future With Dementia

There are more than 16 million people who act as caregivers to those with dementia, memory loss, or Alzheimer’s disease. According to, that’s roughly 18.4 billion hours of care, which can be valued at almost $232 billion. Most of these caregivers are unpaid family who are taking care of an aging relative, whether that [...]

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Remaining at Home with Dementia: Tips for Staying Safe at Home

To the more than 5 million people with Alzheimer’s or age related dementia, getting their diagnosis was just the first step in the journey. After the diagnosis, planning for the road ahead is crucial because it is important to know how you can best care for your loved one, while also keeping them safe. There [...]

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Walking To End Alzheimer’s Disease

In our last blog, we talked about Alois Alzheimer, who gave his name to the disease ravaging the brains of over 5 million Americans. He studied the brains of patients in mental asylums to discover the amyloid plaques and tau fiber tangles that are the physical markers of Alzheimer’s disease in a patient’s brain. Despite [...]

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